FAQ - Payment & Delivery

How can I pay for the watch?

We accept only bank transfers (wire transfers) to the account of our company and cash payments upon pickup. All transactions are processed only in Euro.

Will I get an invoice?

We only sell watches through our official channels and we issue a certified commercial invoice for every single deal. You can check and verify legal information about our legal entities in the Contacts section of the website.

I reside out of the EU, can I  buy the watch without VAT? 

Unfortunately no. A tax-free regime can be only applied when you export brand-new goods. Our German company dealing mostly with used collectibles is obliged to use difference taxation system according to §25a Umsatzsteuergesetz (UStG). VAT is not reflected in the invoice.

Do you accept PayPal?

Currently, we do not accept PayPal due to high processing fees and fraud risks.

Can I pay by installments?

Normally, we will only accept a 100% prepayment. However, on a case-by-case basis, we can consider special situations and accept part payments. We do not ship any watch until the total amount is credited to our account.

How can I reserve a specific watch?

You can only reserve the watch if you express a clear commitment to purchase it and need additional time to arrange payment. It is also possible to reserve a watch prior to any kind of commitment at a fee of 100 EUR for a maximum of 10 days. In case if the reservation is canceled, the deposit will not be refunded.

How much does shipping cost?

Our standard solution implies fully-insured delivery with FedEx at the following rates:

  • 50 EUR for locations within the EU
  • 100 EUR for locations in Europe but out of the EU
  • 150 EUR for overseas locations

    Upon negotiation, a personal venue is possible in any part of the world.

    How long does it all take?

    Normally you can expect your watch to arrive within up to 10 days from the moment when payment is cleared. In most cases it happens earlier, however, our first priority is security and compliance, therefore there are some points to consider:

    • For security reasons we ship out to Europen destination from Monday to Thursday, and overseas only on Monday and Tuesday.
    • Deliveries to non-EU destinations require additionally 1 business day for export clearance according to German legislation
    • Delivery time may also vary due to random export check-ups performed by German Customs, FedEx internal schedule deviations, and customs clearance in the destination country  

    Should I pay any importing charges?

    If you reside out of the European Union, then certain importing charges may be implied by customs of your country. The situation varies from country to country, however, we strongly advise checking limits for tax-free import set in your country of residence. We bear no responsibility for any possible fees, charges, and taxes caused by importing procedure.

    Can you declare 100 USD in the airway bill? 

    Unfortunately, we can not. All shipping documents will always contain exact and correct information matching the invoice.

    I have one more question!

    If you have further questions you can always contact us. We will be happy to assist!