What does vintage mean?

September 25, 2018 0 Comments

You are a vintage watch dealer? Cool. So what the hell does vintage mean?!

If we are asked, what we define as vintage watch we refer to the following points: It's a wristwatch, between 30 and 100 years old, fine, valuable and collectible.

That narrows it down a bit. But why would anyone would something so old and sometimes even fragile? We made our argument for why we love vintage watches already. Feel free to follow up if you haven't read it here already.

Still, there are some more objective and legit questions we are facing frequently regarding “vintage”.

What's the difference between modern and vintage in everyday use?

Generally, being a precise instrument, any mechanical watch - modern and vintage is fragile. For obvious reasons, vintage watches are slightly more fragile, so it is important to avoid significant vibration and shock impacts. That doesn’t mean, however, that vintage watches are not suitable for everyday use. It all depends on the age and the type of the watch. For example, some watches from the late 1930s are not shock-resistant at all, while some watches (like Omega Speedmaster cal.321) engineered in the mid-50s are not only shock-resistant but passed extremely strict tests performed by NASA.

So what is okay for most vintage timepieces?

In the course of normal day-to-day wearing with average activity, your watch should be okay. What usually is not okay are Sports activity (any activity causing significant shocks, vibrations or sweating), Swimming, diving and any activity involving water (including heavy rain etc.), Severe changes of temperature/humidity within a short period of time and other extreme environmental conditions.

But don't to be afraid to break your beloved timepiece.  As long as you apply common sense and maintain the watch regularly it will be fine and keep its value and proper functionality.

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